Copenhagen queerfestival 23-29 july 2012


This year the festival will be at Kapelvej 44.

Kapelvej 44 is a part of the local culture house Støberiet. It has a big cafe/dining room, some smaller workshop rooms a gym hall and a nice courtyard. It is normally used for soup kitchen, parties, cultural and political events.

The adress of the venue is: Kapelvej 44, DK-2200 Copenhagen N

How to get there

Kapelvej 44 is in central Nørrebro. You can walk there from the central station or from Nørreport st. in about 25 minutes. You can also take bus 5A from Nørreport (direction Husum Torv) to the stop Kapelvej. Or from the central station you can take bus 66 (direction Emdrup Torv) or 12 (direction Jyllingevej) to the stop Griffenfeldstgade.

You can get to Copenhagen in many ways.

If you have problems finding the place you can call us at: 0045 50 11 98 16

You can try and get a lift through, or

By bus: Graahundbus, Eurolines, Berlin Linien Bus, and others.

By train:

How to get around

The easiest way to get around Copenhagen is by bike. We will try to get old bikes to fix up. During the festival we will have tourist maps of Copenhagen.

There are buses leaving close to the venue, but transport is quite expensive. It is also within walking distance of the city centre and the beautiful Copenhagen lakes.


There will be text as soon as we know more. Right now we are looking into wheelchair accessibility on the higher floors. Will be up soon.


We would like to be able to have translations at the festival, and we are working on a suitable solution. Watch this space!


Non-profit is another keyword for the festival. We wish to create a space which is not based on money, as we find this is the case in society today. The festival is open to all, whether or not they have money. So it doesn't cost anything to take part in the festival, meaning going to workshops, sleeping and food is by donation. We have been fundraising and making solidarity events for this to be possible. Still it is important to point out that running a big festival costs money, and therefore we ask people who have money to give bigger amounts of donations than the people who are not able to.


Unfortunately it's not possible to sleep over at the festival venue.


There will be common food for lunch and dinner. Food is by donation. All the food served on the festival is vegan. If you have allergies let us know and we will make sure there is also food for you. There is vegan food three times a day. If you feel you can coordinate a day or a meal in the kitchen please let us know.

General Information about Denmark


Denmark has its own currency kroner as it is not part of the Euro European standard currency. Danish money can be bought at the Airport, or at Forex Shops around town, but it will probably be cheaper to buy them before entering the country. At present time 100 Danish kroner is worth 13.41 Euros and 18.36 US Dollars.


The weather in Copenhagen in July is changeable. It can be really hot but it can also rain and be chilly. Here is a link to the Danish weather forecast so you can come prepared:


Public transportation is very expensive in Copenhagen. Travelling from the airport to the city can cost you 36 DKR per person. And a ride itself never costs less than 24 DKR. Copenhagen is nice on bike. We hope to have a bike workshop at the queer festival so you can make your own.

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